Les fréquences تردد الأقمار الصناعية

Les fréquences  تردد الأقمار الصناعية

160°W-73°E 73°E-0°E 0°W-61°W 61°W-160°W
Frequencies: Asia Europe Atlantic America
Packages: Asia Europe Atlantic America
SatTracker: Asia Europe Atlantic America
Ape Music on Eurobird 1
Salon TV on Türksat 2A

TVB 1 on SatMex 6
NHK World TV on Badr 4

Yemen TV and Kuwait Space Channel on Telkom 1

Mynele TV on Thor 3
Nau TV and Muz Zone on KazSat 1

RTV and RTV Deportes on SatMex 6
WBTW-TV and WSAV-TV on Galaxy 3C

Future TV on Intelsat 8, Badr C/Badr 3, Hot Bird 8,
Nilesat 101/Nilesat 102, Atlantic Bird 2 and Intelsat 9

Digi on Türksat 2A
Rosemary Sat on Hot Bird 6

Kullona al Kuwait on Atlantic Bird 4
Sehaty Channel on Nilesat 101

Shalom TV and Amrita TV Middle East on Eurobird 9

Kanal 55 on Türksat 1C
TV Sana on Hot Bird 8

Telesur and Síntesis TV on SatMex 6
Red Sea on Atlantic Bird 4

Faith Channel on Intelsat 10
Pro Vse on Intelsat 12

Kral TV Avrupa on Türksat 2A
Telecanal 16 on Intelsat 1R

Friends TV, Erotik 24 and Alles fürs handy on Astra 1H

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Free Radio: Pacific Asia Middle East Europe Africa S. Am. N. Am.
Top Satellites
Hot Bird 6
Eutelsat W2
Yamal 201
Hot Bird 7A
Top Packages
DISH (119W)
Digi TV
DISH (110W)
Cyfrowy Polsat
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